Competition Squads

We have three club competition squads – one for each weapon.  These are intended as recognition for our fencers who have made the step to represent the club in competition, to drive club training sessions, and to encourage and enable more fencers to compete more often.


Who is in the squads?

After someone competes in their first competition outside the club they will be invited to become a member of the relevant weapon squad.  It doesn’t matter what the result was, only that they participated and represented our club.

If you have completed a competition, please e-mail the Head Coach or Squad Captain to confirm which competition you entered, and you’ll receive your invitation as soon as we get it drafted!

Will it cost me anything?


Can you be on more than one Squad?

Yes.  If you have competed at both foil and epee, then you can be on both the foil squad and the epee squad.
If they are training at the same time, you can either pick one weapon for the session, or swap between them, whichever seems the best option at the time.

Do I have to join?

No.  If you compete you will be invited, but you don’t have to accept the invitation.

What do squad members get?

Mostly, at this stage, just the honour and glory of being on the squad.
There are lots of things that can be done in future, particularly if we have proactive squad captains volunteer to organise things, but for now we’re starting small.

You’ll see “squad training sessions” being referred to, but this is mostly just to facilitate getting fencers to the same place at the same time to train together.  Speak to your Squad Captain if you’d like to organise something specific.
While squad members are together we hope you’ll all support and encourage each other to keep competing and improving your results.

I’m not on the squad, where do I fence?

The squad training sessions are not exclusive – you don’t have to be a squad member to fence in them.  Wherever you see “foil squad training” mentioned, you can read that as “Foilists are here, come fence foil with us!”