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Having Level 0 coaches will allow fencing clubs to provide more training opportunities and better accommodate beginners, so please think about getting involved.  For example, a Level 0 coach could run warm-ups, or show a new person the basics, if the head coach is busy running a junior class or one-on-one lessons.  It will also be helpful in running fencing demonstrations at schools and community events.

For teachers and teenagers, this will allow you to run a basic fencing class at a school.  And it will look great on your CV for volunteering or professional development.

See attached flyer for more details.  Please RSVP to

Suitable for adults and for teenagers aged 12-17, this class will provide an introduction to fencing, with a focus on sabre.  The course will involve four 1.5 hour classes.  Warm up and footwork will be at 7.30, small group lessons from 7.45-9pm, followed by an hour of electric bouting (this hour is optional practice).  The club sabre competition will be in August, so for those wanting to try out sabre, this is a good time to start learning.

Details are: Tuesdays, 7.30pm-9.00pm, St Johns Hall, 494 Whitehorse Road (Maroondah Highway), Mitcham

$120 for non-members, $80 for members.  All equipment provided.

Contact Lisa: 0450 556 330,

Midwinter Tournament, Sunday, June 28th 2015, Foil 48er Competition

A 48er is a fun, fencing filled day.  There are four rounds of mixed pools with no elimination of fencers.  By the end of the day you are fencing a final pool of fencers of a comparable standard, so that everyone is in a challenging ‘final’.  Medals are awarded for the top three in each pool, along with additional awards based on results or popular nominations.

Location: Central Ringwood Community Centre, Bedford Park, Bedford Road, Ringwood.

Roll Call: 9:45am

Awards Ceremony: 4.30 pm (or thereabouts)

Entry Fee: $15   (maximum of 48 entries)

Entries Due: Thursday, June 25th

Entries to: