Volunteer rewards scheme

This is to reward members who regularly help the club out in significant ways. Pick up a Volunteer Card, then each time you help us out get one of the committee to initial a box. Once you’ve filled the card (5 boxes), you can trade it in for your reward!

Some tasks which will earn you a point include:
Helping at festivals & other demos
Assisting with running classes or events
Selling chocolates (2 or more boxes), or helping with other fundraising efforts
Recruiting new members (they must take out term or annual membership)
Repairing club equipment

As we need volunteers, we may announce that a particular activity will earn you points. Read the club e-mail newsletters and watch the website for those announcements.


Rewards available may vary, but currently include:
An individual lesson
Club T-shirt
Pair of club socks
Fencing Glove
Competition entry fee (club or state comp)
Club-level FV affiliation fee
Club Towel
Club Water Bottle
Or trade in 2 cards for a club fleece!